Housing Production Plan Data Tool


MAPC worked with communities to develop Housing Production Plans (HPPs) that guide the type, amount, and location of new development. This tools has been designed to improve MAPC's internal process in delivering on that work. It automates the data aggression and collection process required in developing HPP’s ED fund.


To help reduce the time and effort spent in the HPP production process. The Data Library’s goal is automate major portions of the data extraction and transformation process required to produce an HPP.


Currently Data Library tool is located HPP.MAPC.ORG.

How It Works

The tool fetches requested data for municipalities form datasets used in the HPP process.The data is pulled from DataCommon through PrQL (SQL) requests of the database and exported into formatted spreadsheets for analysts to use.

How To Use

Make selections by clicking on locations and the tables you want to export to a spreadsheet. You can also use the keyboard commands Crlt - Shift and Crlt - Click to make selections.

Other Features

We are tracking future feature request. This includes adding data like housing projections and features that standardize the comparison community selection process. Please reach out if there are features you would like to see in the tool.

Next Steps

We intend to put this tool into action with the upcoming HPPs scheduled for summer 2019. We will document what we learn and will use that to iteratively improve the HPP process.

Get In Touch

Technical Questions: Ryan Kelly: RKelly@mapc.org

Data Questions: Lily Perkins-High: LPerkinsHigh@mapc.org

Housing Questions: Karina Milchman: KMilchman@mapc.org